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Tonkinese Kittens For Sale

Tonkinese Kittens For Sale is known by many names like Burma and Siam, the founders of the Tonkinese, have always lived side by side in Asia. Learn about the origin, character, nature, attitude, and care of the cat terrace.

tonkinese kittens for sale

#Characteristics And Description Of Tonkinese Kittens For Sale

SizeMedium sized
Cat weight3-4 Kg.
Hangover weight4-5 Kg.
Coat lengthShort hair
Skin colorPoint, Mink, Sepia
Eye coloryellow-green to blue
Country of originCanada / USA
Care expenditureLow

#Appearance Of Tonkinese Kittens For Sale

The Tonkinese, a medium-sized, active cat, originally from a mating between Siam (slender) and Burma (burly), always makes a waking impression. Its supple and muscular body is heavy in proportion to its size.

In the long and slender legs, the hind limbs are somewhat higher than the anterior ones. The base color of the petite, oval paws should match the skin color.

The tail is rather long and slender in relation to the body and ends in a gently rounded tip. Its fine, silk-like coat is short in its length, close-fitting and soft. In addition, it seems to be surrounded by a shining glimmer.

Tonkinese is allowed in three color types: Point, Mink (the most widely used in the USA) and Sepia. The slightly almond-shaped eyes can shine in yellow-green (color of the Burmakatza, a sepia variant of the coat color), sky blue (color of the crossed Siamese cats, point variant) or aquamarine blue (a unique mixture of the Mink variant).

#Nature and Character Of Tonkinese Kittens For Sale

The Tonkinese is very affectionate, sociable, communicative, loving, human, intelligent, attentive, curious, playful and balanced.

It shows a harmonious mixture of vivacity and cuddling, as well as much, much humor. So it can happen that the Tonkinese is laid out on omitted strokes. Your owner should be prepared for something. The voice of the Tonkinese is not as loud as that of the Siamese.

#Posture And Care Of Tonkinese Kittens For Sale

lilac tonkinese kittens for sale

The Tonkinese is a habitat, but also enjoys a lot of free time, since it is more robust than the Siam. A multi-cat household is entirely according to the sense of the sociable Tonkinese.

Your human must spend a great deal of attention on this cat. The short coat of this breed does not require extensive care. It should be combed several times a week with a soft brush, for a perfect shine it can be rubbed off with a damp cloth.


Tonkinese is usually very healthy and robust cats. This is due mainly to their Burma ancestors. Racetypical diseases are not yet known. Of course, the Tonkinese can also develop in general cat diseases such as cat plague or cat sniffing.

#Origin and history Of Tonkinese Kittens For Sale

Burma and Siam, the founders of the Tonkinese, have always lived side by side in Asia. It would, therefore, be quite possible that mixtures like the Tonkinese as “wonders of the Orient” had already occurred in Asia since ancient times – if only as, admittedly, impressive, results of random closer acquaintances between Burma and Siamese cats.

In 1930, the American ship surgeon brought a Tonkinese from a trip from Rangoon. The name of the cat was Wong Mau, and she became the paternal mother of all Tonkinese.

In the US, Tonkinese can trace their ancestors up to Wong Mau. This breed was not bred specifically in Asia but in America for the first time.

Since the Tonkinese is not recognized by all cat associations in the USA or in Europe, it is still one of the rare cat breeds in the USA.

blue tonkinese kittens for sale

#Did you know?

Tonkinese is known by many names. The people in Thailand call them “Copper”, the English-speaking area they also know as “Golden Siamese”, and not only in our country, they were sometimes called “Tonkinese”. What is meant by all these names is the playful and cuddly cat.

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