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Siamese Cat Personality, Siamese Cat Breeders, Black Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat Personality, Siamese Cat Breeders, Black Siamese Cat, WHICH IS A TRUE GIFT, Siamese cats are elegant with captivating charm, remarkable intelligence, and unusual devotion.

#Description And Characteristics Of Siamese Cat Breeders

SizeMedium sized
Cat weight3 - 4 kg
Hangover Weight 4 - 5 kg
Coat lengthShort hair
Skin colorwhite to cream with point drawing
Eye colorBlue
Country of originThailand
Care expenditureLow

#Appearance Of Siamese Cat Breeders

siamese cat breeder

The racist standard describes the Siamese cat as medium-sized, slim and supple. Her muscular appearance is not at odds with her pronounced elegance. Compared to the body, the head has an average size. The large, straight-up ears stand wide apart on the long, narrow head.

The almond-shaped eyes are characterized by an intensely luminous blue. The tail of the Siam should be very long and – even at its neck – thin. At its end, an inflow to a fine tip is desired.

The legs are long and fine and are proportionally in proportion to the body. At the rear, they are slightly higher than the front. They are covered with small, oval paws.

The shining, very short and fine silk hair of the Siam is close to the body. The Siam wears almost no underwear, but a mask on the face as well as badges on the ears, legs, and tail.

The badges should be as uniform as possible, the mask by color traces with the color of the ears. Between badges and light color of the body must be a clear contrast.

#Nature and character Of Siamese Cat Breeders

siamese cat personality

Siamese cats are elegant cats with captivating charm, remarkable intelligence, and unusual attachment. The Siam is very strong and full of power. Her people love her so much that she does not want to share his attention with anyone.

This can lead to small jealousies. Whoever decides for this breed should know that it is not one of the fittest cat breeds. Your voice might interfere with sensitive neighbors.

#Posture and care Of Siamese Cat Breeders

The sophisticated Siam is not a cat for everyone. Other cats or other domestic animals tolerate this breed only rarely. After all, she wants her people completely. Free-airing or at least a large enclosure should be offered the freedom-loving fresh air fanatic already.

However, the Siam must always have access to a warm, dry place. It can not tolerate cold and wet weather. After an involuntary shower, it must be thoroughly rubbed. The short coat of the Siam does not make any great demands on the care. Occasional brushing is enough.

#Disease Of Siamese Cat Breeders

siamese cat types

There are some hereditary diseases and defects known to the Siamese. Hereditary diseases include HCM and GM1. HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) is a cardiac disease, resulting in a thickening of the heart muscle and an enlargement of the left ventricle.

GM1 (gangliosidosis GM1) is one of the lysosomal storage diseases. Only when both parents are carriers does a genetic defect arise. GM1 makes itself felt in three to six months old kittens. Symptoms are a headache and restricted mobility in the hind legs.

These hereditary diseases are known and can be avoided by responsible breeders. Hereditary defects in the Siam are, among other things, strabismus, a ponytail, and malformations of the chest (frog syndrome).

#Origin and history Of Siamese Cat Breeders

 black siamese cat

A gift from heaven – so must presumably also priests in ancient Siam, today’s Thailand, when they decided to pay homage to the race as a sacred temple cat. For centuries, this religious worship continued until the ancient race from the Orient, at the end of the nineteenth century, made the leap into the flourishing Europe.

In 1884 it was supposed to be when the first Siamese breeding couple were shipped to the outgoing British Consul General Owen Fould to the British Consul General of the Kingdom of Siam – and felt so comfortable there that a year later, the first pure-breed Siamese cats were exhibited at an exhibition in the London Crystal Palace were to be admired.

As early as 1901, the first Siamese cat club was founded in England, which was to develop into the largest race-specific cat club in the world until 1949. It was not long before the enthusiasm for the slender, masked cat, surrounded by a touch of exoticism, finally swept over the European mainland from the island.

Did you know?

While the skin of real albinos is snow-white due to missing pigments and the eyes are reddish, Siamese cats belong to the partial albinos, the color of which is merely suppressed by the hull and the color of the eyes is diminished.

This is also the reason why the eyes shine so radiantly blue and the body parts, which are farthest from the heart, like the head, tail, and legs, reveal the actual fur color.

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