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Savannah Cat, F1 Savannah Cat, Savannah Cat For Sale, F1 Savannah Cat, Character, Nature And Attitude

Savannah Cat, F1 Savannah Cat, Savannah Cat For Sale, F1 Savannah Cat, Character, Nature And Attitude, This article will help you to learn about the origin, character, nature, attitude, and care of the cat breed f1 savannah cat. The f1 savannah cat is a very spirited, active and self-confident breed.

 f1 savannah cat

#Description Of F1 Savannah Cat

Weight cat3.5 - 8 kg
Weight hangover4.5 - 12 kg
Coat lengthShort hair
Coat colorsBlack, Black-spotted, Smoke-colored, Black-silver-spotted
Eye colorAll colors
Country of originUSA
Care expenditureLow

#Appearance Of F1 Savannah Cat

The f1 savannah cat Cat is a cat which is said to resemble the serval as much as possible to the wild ancestors but has a living-room temperament.

The overall impression of the Savannah is that of a large, slender, graceful cat with striking large dark spots on a contrasting background. Savannah cats have an elongated, slender yet muscular body that rests on high legs.

The neck is long the head relative to the body rather small. Remarkable is the extremely large ears placed high on the head, which in the ideal case on the back of the ear show a bright thumbprint, also called Wildfleck or Ocelli.

The tail of the Savannah Cat should be as short as possible and should not extend further than the ankle of the cat.

#Nature and Character Of F1 Savannah Cat

The f1 savannah cat is a very lively, active and self-confident race. To be happy she needs a generous living environment and lots of employment.

Many Savannahs like to retrieve, they go a close bond with their humans, but this should not tempt them to hold them individually.

At least one spirited second pet is a duty so that the intelligent and social cats do not get bored. For water, savannahs usually have an unusual predilection for cats.f1 savannah cat size

With the paws splashing in the water, almost everyone does. Some examples accompany their people under the shower or even visit the bathtub.

Some Savannahs, when they are happy, put the fur on back and tail, similar to the Serval. The ears remain in the normal forward position.

The first two generations hiss much more frequently than the average domestic cat, but this is usually not meant, but simply a sign of excitement that can also be caused by joy.

If Savannah greets a fellow-cat or a person who is particularly familiar with it, this is often done by an intense “head-giving”. If the man of the cat does not give the attention he considers worthwhile, many Savannahs of a little love bite are used again.

#Posture and care Of F1 Savannah Cat

f1 savannah cat is not equal to Savannah. Depending on the branch generation (see below), Savannahs make different demands on the posture. An F1 or F2 necessarily needs a fregehehege to the generously dimensioned living space in order to become happy.


f1 savannah cat kitten

From the F3 is an attitude in the not too small apartment with the secured balcony or terrace possible, From the F5 there is actually no difference compared to the attitude of a spirited other cat terraces.


Many Savannahs also like to go outside with crockery and leash and enjoy the “little freedom” with their people.


For uncontrolled free-roaming Savannah, cats are however completely unsuitable, since they have a strong hunting drive.

This should also be taken into consideration when you are home to small fish, birds or fish in the home. For these animals falling into the Beuteschema, “Savannah-free” premises must be created.

With dogs other cats and also with children, there are no problems. In nutrition, especially the first generations are quite demanding. They should be fed with raw feed and fresh produce.

Ask your breeder, he will advise you accordingly. Due to the size, jump strength and activity of the Savannah climbing possibilities have to be chosen particularly large and stable.

Lovers of both sexes should be castrated between the 6th and 8th month of life, so as not to lead to undesirable marking behavior.

#Diseases Of F1 Savannah Catf1 savannah cat full grown

Because of the really large gene pool and the inclusion of the Serval, it should be justified that the Savannah is so far a very healthy and really joyful cat breed (“hybrid vigor”).

Rassetypical diseases are not yet known. In the case of the vaccinations, one should pay particular attention to the initial generations to use the only dead vaccine.

Live vaccines or modifying live vaccines are taboo. If in doubt about the treatment of the cat, ask your breeder which preparations have proven to be Savannah-compatible.

#Origin and history Of F1 Savannah Cat

Already 1980 succeeded with Judy Frank in the USA the first mating of a Serval with a Siamkatzin; The picture-like result was called “Surprise”.

Many others claim that they already had the name “Savannah” and was handed over to other hands.

Joyce Srouve of f1-Savannahs brought the breed really in a moment, because you succeeded several times, which one does not actually consider possible if one the difference in size between a domestic cat and a Serval.

The first F1 generations who saw is such a jewel and delighted.

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