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Munchkin Cat Breeders

Munchkin Cat Breeders, this name comes from the little people from the children’s book “The Wizard of Oz”.

#Do The Munchkin Cat Breeders Suitable For You?

Those who wish to purchase a Munchkin Cat should be aware of the following in advance: The breed is of limited use as an outdoor cat.

This cat can not climb as well and jump like other breeds, so they can be found outdoors often not so good deal. For the Munchkins, however, are predestined attitude in the apartment.

Of course, you can grant the velvet paw assured clearance if you make sure that the outdoor area has no insurmountable obstacles for the animal.

munchkin cat breeders

In dealing with people Munchkins are generally regarded as friendly and affectionate. Aggressive behavior is very rare in this breed. In particular, the true character of these cats, it is thanks to them that they are ideal for people is that like and intensively deal with their pet.

Elderly peoples who have time to play with the cat and to give them the necessary attention, are thus well-suited as keepers.

This cat terrace is not intended for persons who regard a cat as an animal roommate, who will leave the majority of the day to themselves. It is a rare breed, extreme short legs, very cuddly.

To a prevent single household that the Munchkin spends a long time alone, it is recommended that from the outset two animals to purchase, because even with other cats they got along well generally.

munchkin cat breeders florida


#History And Origin Munchkin Cat Breeders

The founding cat, which gave Blacken the name Hochenendel, and their offspring are now regarded as the origin of the breed.

#Character And Behavior Of Munchkin Cat Breeders

Not only the visual appearance of the Munchkin Cat, also her character is considered unique. Munchkins are very sociable and affectionate.

They enjoy being with their owners to spend time and to cuddle. Compared to other conspecifics are Munchkins relatively quiet?

You do not climb so much and so high, which is probably on their due special anatomical characteristics is. Instead, they sit happily in her favorite place and observe their environment.

Munchkin cats are also very intelligent. It could be observed that they like to collect small items and keep them. Another striking feature is their behavior in dangerous situations: If the cat is alert or anxious, she turns on the haunches like a rabbit.

Holders should support Munchkin cats during coat care.

Munchkin cats are somewhat limited in mobility and can often not as good as other clean pedigree cats. Of course, the apartment should be suitable for cats mobility – ie, scratching posts, different beds, toys and hiding places should not be missing.

Since there is still a very young cat breed, there are no clear findings on the effects of short-legged animal health.

The Munchkin cat is a recognized breed cat that has been created by a natural mutation. In 1983 a short-legged cat was discovered in Louisiana.

The female animal was mated with other domestic cats and short-legged offspring were also born. The animals remind us of a dachshund or basset. Health problems are not known in the Munchkin cat.

#The Attitude Of Munchkin Cat Breeders

munchkin cat breeders michigan

The Munchkin cat is only conditionally for the attitude as a freighter. Since the animals can not climb and jump just as well as other domestic cats, they often find themselves less well in the open. This breed cat is predestined for keeping in the home.

They can be assured of their secured freedom by making sure that the outdoor area has no obstacles which are insurmountable for the animal. Munchkin cats are limited in their mobility and can often not brush as well as other breed cats. Cat holders must, therefore, support their pet during fur care.

Due to the shortened legs, back problems may occasionally occur in cats of this breed. Ideally close cat owners a cat-surgical insurance and cat insurance from, to provide for the real thing.

#Characteristics And Appearance Of Munchkin Cat Breeders

It has shorthairs
Origin USA
Small to medium in sized
Cat weight is 2.5 to 3.5 kg.
Hangover weight 3-4 kg.
Strong Muscular stature with short legs
Strong tail with rounded tips
Wedge-shaped skull with high cheekbones and flat forehead
Medium sized and high ear set
eyes are walnut-shaped and slightly oblique
Coat is Short, plushy (Shorthair) or half-long, dense (Semi-Longhair ) coat

#Nature and character Of Munchkin Cat Breeders

The Munchkin with her short legs, at first sight, does not look at what is inside her. She looks less elegant in her movements than other cats but has an agile nature. The Munchkin loves to run and play.

Their social character is open to the human being, and the Munchkin is generally well suited to other pets. The small energy supply is very curious, often also docile.

A Munchkin does not have the jumping power of long-legged breeds, but she comes to the wardrobe if she wants. She must finally know what is up there and can be extremely imaginative to find a way. Her people delight her every day with her snug attachments and joie de vivre

According to the TICA and the breeders of the Munchkin, the short leg is not associated with health impairments. Unlike the dachshund, which is also a short-legged dachshund, it is not supposed to cause spinal problems.

However, occasional lordosis is diagnosed in the breed. In this disease, the spinal cord muscles between the shoulders are shortened, the spine is correspondingly curved.

Affected animals usually die at a young age. Whether this is related to the short-leggedness is controversial.

The short-legged Munchkin is based on a natural mutation. Around 1983 a specimen of the breed was discovered in Louisiana and taken by a lady. She pawed the cat with her domestic cats, while in the offspring were again short-legged animals.

The kittens and their offspring are considered the origin of the breed. Breeders presumed an extreme impairment in the short leg, but this was denied by a veterinarian. In 1995 the Munchkin was recognized by the TICA, other associations refused to accept the breed.

The Munchkin has been crossed by other breeders in the short and semi-short hairstyles as well as the sizes “Mini” or “Mei Toi”, “Super Short” and “Standard”.

Munchkin Cat

Weight   Male: 6 – 9 poundsFemale: 5 – 8 pounds

Colors   WhiteFawn Chocolate Seal Lilac Blue Red Cream tortie

Kitten Price   Average $300 – $500 USD

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