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LaPerm, An Intelligent and Cute Cat

LaPerm breed began in 1982, in the American the Dallas, Oregon. Under the six-headed litter of a normal domestic cat was a kitten, which was still completely naked even after eight weeks, but then developed a very soft, curly coat.

Learn about the origin, character, nature, attitude, and care of the cat breed LaPerm. The LaPerm not only have short hair and long hair but also available in the hairstyles BC, BS and BB.

#Description And Characteristics Of LaPerm

Size Medium-sized
Weight cat2.5 - 4 kg.
Weight hangover3 - 5 kg.
Coat lengthShort / Long hair
Coat colorAssorted colors
Eye colorAssorted colors
Country of originUSA
Care expenditureLow

#Appearance of LaPerm

laPerm cat hypoallergenic

The LaPerm is a medium-sized, muscular cat. It stands on the legs, the hind legs slightly longer than the front legs. Has round paws and a bushy tail, which is proportional to the body.

The head is wedge-shaped with pronounced round whiskers. The eyes are medium-sized and expressive. They are almond-shaped and can have all the colors.

The ears of the LaPerm are relatively large and can be hairy like a lynx. The chin is strong and firm, the nose wide and straight. The LaPerm is available in short-haired and longhaired versions.

The fur is curled or waved, with curls being preferred to the waves. It is loose, light, soft and silky and stands off the body. All colors are allowed.

#Nature and character Of LaPerm

laPerm kittens for sale

The LaPerm is friendly, sociable, cuddly and playful. It is very human-oriented and is looking for its people within a family itself.

This is followed by every step. Unlike most cats, she shows little interest in her breeders, although she usually accepts them without problems.

The LaPerm has a lot of fun, but also playing games is a must. Especially young animals climb, romp and play like.

#Posture and care Of LaPerm

Because of its calm and human nature, this cat is well suited for housing, at least a secure balcony should be available. Because this sociable cat reluctantly remains alone, it is not suitable for people who are little at home.

Even a second child can often not sufficiently replace the relative. The coat of the LaPerm, also the long hair variant, is very easy to care for.

Occasionally brushing is nevertheless recommended and is enjoyed by the cuddled LaPerm very much.

#Susceptibility to disease Of LaPerm

Since LaPerm is derived directly from the domestic cat and is still a very young breed, it is not more susceptible to certain diseases than the domestic cat. Like these, of course, they can also develop from regular diseases.

These include upper respiratory tract infections and bacterial infections in the stomach and intestines. In order to limit the risk, the LaPerm should be vaccinated against diseases such as cat sniffing and epidemics.

If the cat gets free, there is an increased risk of parasitic infestation. Here, however, there are special means (the veterinarian knows advice). If the LaPerm is free, it must also be vaccinated against rabies and leucosis.

#Origin and history Of LaPerm


It began in 1982, in the American the Dallas, Oregon. Under the six-headed litter of a normal domestic cat was a kitten, which was still completely naked even after eight weeks, but then developed a very soft, curly coat.

Linda Koehl was very impressed by her little one, whom she named “Curly”. Not only the appearance of this cat was unusual, it also differed in its nature from its siblings.

These cats are independent and loved the freedom, Curly enjoyed the society of humans very much. At the beginning, Linda Koehl was not interested in a specific breed.

Curly increased like the other farm cats in a natural way. Almost all of their kitties were like bare and then got a curly coat. Finally, Linda brought Curly and her descendants into the house and began to breed with them and selected house cats.

In 1992, Linda introduced her cats under the name of LaPerm for the first time at an exhibition and then expanded her breeding with the aid of the breeding judge Kim Everett. In 2004 the LA Perm was officially recognized by TICA.

#Did you know?

laPerm cat adoption

The LaPerm is distinguished not only by a short hair and long hair but also in the hairstyles BC, BS and BB. BC is the acronym for “born curled”, which means “born with curls”.

This type of hair is most desirable. BS stands for “born straight” and is the name for kitties born with a smooth coat and BB means “born soon” and describes the cat babies, which like curly only develop after about eight weeks.

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