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Chausie Cats, Nature, Attitude And Behaviour

Chausie cats belong to hybrid cat race. It originated from intersections of domestic cats with wild cats. Learn about the origin, character, nature, attitude, and care of the cat breed Chausie in the profile.

#Description Of Chausie Cats

SizeMedium to large
Weight cat4.5 - 7 kg.
Weight HangoverMax. 10 kg.
Coat lengthShort hair
Coat colorBlack, Brown Ticked Tabby, Black Grizzled Ticked Tabby
Eyes colorGold, Yellow, Brown, Green
Country of originUSA

#Characteristics Of The Chausie Cats

Care expenditureLow

#Appearance Of The Chausie Cats

Chausie cats are medium to large cat with a long rectangular body. She is well muscled and athletic. The legs are medium and muscular.

The hind legs are somewhat longer than the front legs, which makes this cat a good runner and jumper. The paws are round and small in comparison to the body. The tail is triple and reaches the ankle.

The head of the Chausie is wedge-shaped and medium-sized with a strong chin and pronounced cheekbones. The Chausie has oval eyes. Gold and yellow are the preferred colors but also hazelnut brown and light green are allowed.

The ears are large, at the base they are broad, rounded at the tips. A pronounced hairiness of the ears is desired.

The coat of the Chausie is short, but can sometimes be somewhat longer than that of other shorts. It is tight and close to the body. The allowed colors are Black, Brown Ticked Tabby and Black Grizzled Ticked Tabby.

#Nature and character Of The Chausie Cats

The Chausie is loving and friendly. The temperament of their wildcat ancestors has preserved this cat. She loves hunting and is very playful. Active and curious she always goes on exploration.

She climbs and jumps excellently. She is intelligent and inquisitive and follows her every step of the way. Their affection and attention thus make an affectionate companion.

#Posture and care Of The Chausie Cats

chausie breeders

Because of their temperament and their agility, the Chausie is only conditionally suitable for housing. Although she is attached, she loves freedom and hunting.

Therefore, free-wheeling is the best option for them. If it is kept in the apartment has to be provided with many play facilities and a large scratching tree for variety and employment.

The Chausie loves society, so professionals should definitely consider a multi-cat attitude. The short coat is easy to clean, regular brushing removes dead hair and brings it to shine.

#Diseases Of The Chausie Cats

There are no known explicit specific pathological diseases of the Chausie. Like all cats, they can also develop from regular diseases. These include upper respiratory tract infections and bacterial infections in the stomach and intestines.

In order to reduce the risk, the Chausie should be vaccinated against diseases such as cat sniffing and epidemics. If the cat is exposed, there is an increased risk of parasitic infestation. Here, however, there are special neck straps and means. The veterinarian knows advice. If the Chausie is free, it must also be vaccinated against rabies and leukosis.

#Origin and history Of The Chausie Cats

chausie cat personality

The Chausie is a hybrid race. It originated from intersections of domestic cats with wild cats. This cultivation form is based on the desire to breed a cat, which looks like a wildcat, but is similar in its essence to a domestic cat.

In expert circles, the use of wild cats for breeding is morally highly controversial. The Chausie was formed from the mating of domestic cats with tube cats, which are among other things in Egypt.

In 1960 the first breeding trials were undertaken and led to success. In 1995 this breed was officially recognized by the TICA. In Germany, this breed is still very rare.

#Did you know?

That the Chausie Cats owes its name to its wild ancestor, the cat-cat. This is called “Felis chaus” with the correct Latin name. Thus, from the quieter, domesticated variant the “Chausie” became.

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