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{Cat Dander}

(Cat Dander), along with the fatal effects of cat dander, there are many benefits to be gained by a child from owning and caring for a pet. So you should not be deterred from getting a pet just because of the fear that the child might develop an allergy, particularly as any allergic symptoms may not be related to animals. 

#What Are Precaution About Cat Dander?

If you have a pet which you feel you can no longer keep but you cannot find a suitable home for it, contact the RSPCA, or one of the other animal welfare charities, who will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

You will find the address and telephone number of the nearest branch in the telephone directory for your area.

In other words, if the allergic reaction bothers you, you may have no option but to find another home for the pet or to give up horse riding, or whatever.

If you do not have a pet but react every time you visit a particular friend who has, the cause of the problem will probably be self-evident.

getting rid of cat dander

However, even if you have pets, and suffer from repeated allergic symptoms, the cause of the allergy may not necessarily be just your pets.

It may not even be due to the animals at all. You may suspect you are allergic to pets, but may not be sure; perhaps it is a food in your diet, or house dust, or the feathers in your duvet. Many allergic people are sensitive to various allergens.

#How Can I Avoid From Cat Dander?

If you are unsure of the cause of your allergic response, you should keep a diary, noting everything you do, eat and come into contact with, and see if you can establish a link.

As with virtually any problem affecting the immune system, such as a common cold or influenza, the severity of an attack depends greatly on your general health.

Take care of yourself by eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and relaxing to deal with stress. This should help you to cope with, and minimize any allergic response.

#When should I see my doctor?

Your doctor may help you to identify the cause of the allergy. If your own investigations leave you in doubt as to the cause, you may need a more thorough examination. You may be referred to a specialist for skin prick tests to identify your pats.


cat dander definition

Be wary of ‘fringe’ alternative clinics, which have opened to fill the gap created by the difficulty orthodox medicine has in identifying and treating allergies.

Many of these alternative clinics use techniques that are not always reliable. Be particularly wary of anyone who claims to be able to diagnose an allergy by post.


Some other alternative practitioners can be successful in both identifying and treating allergy, which includes

#HomeopathyYou may be prescribed by homeopathic remedies, as well as being advised to change your diet and lifestyle.
#Bach RemediesSome Bach remedies, such as clematis, beech, and impatiens, are said to be good for treating hypersensitivity. Rescue Remedy cream can help soothe allergic skin rashes.
#HypnotherapyHow this works to treat allergies is not understood, but some sufferers have found it helped alleviate their allergic reactions.
#Titular allergenThese involve applying small amounts of various substances to the skin, pricking the skin with a needle, and then watching the reaction, a raised, inflamed mark (weal) indicates sensitivity to that particular allergen.

#What will the doctor do?

If your problem is diagnosed with an allergy to your pet, the doctor will probably advise you to find another home for it.

However, you are likely to be allergic to other things that are more difficult to avoid. The doctor may prescribe antihistamines, cortisone sprays or creams, nose drops or bronchodilators which relieve the symptoms.

cat dander

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