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Cat Breed Selector- {Find Out Which Cat Breed is Best for You}

Cat Breed Selector- Find Out Which Cat Breed is Best for You. A cat is supposed to come into the house but which one it is not yet decided, out of the many different cat breeds, the choice is not easy. One thing is clear: not every cat can make room in every house.

#Cat Breed Selector-Which Cat SuitsĀ Me?

Everything has to be right in the choice of a cat before you get a cat in the house, you should aware of some questions:

How much space do I have?
Can I offer my cat free or just a small apartment?
How much time do I have?
Can I take care of the cat round the clock, or just play an hour with her in the evening?
How often does the cat have to be alone?
Am I traveling a lot or most of my time at home?

If you answer these questions honestly, you can select cat breeds easily.

If you live, for example, in a city apartment with no balcony and garden, a freedom loving cat as the Norwegian Forest Cat, the European Shorthair or the simple house cat, is not suitable as a pet for you.

These moving animals would not be happy in an apartment. Instead, are quiet and people related cats, such as the Ragdoll or Bombay, are good for apartment atmosphere.

Most cats still hate to be alone. If you are employed, it is, therefore, advisable to keep more than one cat. Some breeds, such as Siamese or Balinese.

This time you will have to be able to buy a cat, long-haired cats, such as Persians, which need everyday extensive grooming which also takes time.

Cat Breed Selector

#The Character, Attitude, And Nature Of Different Cat Breed

Cat Breed Selector helps us to find various breeds which differ visually and it is understandable that the likeness of cat lovers variate. Nevertheless, you should not decide for a cat that looks particularly sweet, but whose nature and attitude should suit you.

If you live in a family and there are a lot of people around, a lively and adaptable cat like Selkirk Rex, the Ocicat or Singapura, are the best choices.

Other cats to which the Korat, the Snowshoe, and the Nebelung include contrast love peace and are therefore suitable for people who have a regular life without a lot of stress in the house.

Stubborn cats like the Balinese, or the Russian Blue, are not beginners cats. If you don’t have any experience to live with this little room tigers, you should prefer a treatable race, such as the German Angora or RagaMuffin.

Last but not least, you should also consider the loudness of individual cats in their deliberations. Do you want a cat who talks a lot with you?

Then you should go for a talkative Oriental, like the Siamese or the Sokoke who will make sure joy. Feel disturbed by constant meowing and Mazen However, then you should have a quiet Devon Rex or Siberian.

#Everything Must Be Right

best cat breeds for cuddling

To choose a cat only according to its “cuteness factor” is usually not difficult. If one considers all the important factors – space, time, environment, nature, loudness – it is not so easy to find a suitable cat. But the time, which is in a deliberate cat selection, is worthwhile.

If you have found the right cat for you and your life situation, you and your pet will quickly become good friends – and remain a lifetime.

Temperamental cats in too small apartments or quiet cats in a noisy large family – such combinations can lead to the fact that not only the owner but also the animal will be quickly unhappy.

Some cats react to “wrong” living conditions also aggressively or apathetically, with such a cat you will have no more joy, even if it looks so cute.

#Would You Prefer A House Or A Breed Cat?

When choosing a cat, it helps if you know what you want with your cat and which animals they show. A personality survey conducted by the British organization Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) evaluated that the responses of domestic and cat owners to show the animal’s character patterns.

Thus the original wildness of cat seems to enforce repeatedly when no specific breed exists. Thus, mongrels and domestic cats are more joyous to hunt than their noble relatives.

They go hunting one and a half times as often as cat race. On the other hand, domestic cats showed twice as often “nerves” as their bred relatives, also in dealing with other cats.

Domestic cats are much more reserved than bred cats, which in turn have two less aggressive behaviors. The need to care for cats also depends on their breed.

Half of all cats in the survey liked to be brushed. However, normal domestic cats were more likely to the group that avoids brushing. Rassekatzen and other cats, such as Burma or Siam, loved extensive brush massages.

#Farm kitten – Young Wild Beast

best cat breeds for first time owners

No, thankful for their salvation, most of these children cat, raised by a miserable mother, carefully concealed and educated to avoid people.

But also rarely fearful. They hissed indignantly when their rescuer strokes them, fidgeting around their lives when they have to take medicine, stomping in the transport cage and let their hands and chest feel their powerful young claws and the huge pointed teeth.

It takes a lot of patience, until such a young wild creature first gives way to fate, then graciously, finally, blissfully nuzzling the neck. But every effort is worthful.

#Autumn kitten

For indoor cats are eating, care and care of the holder in summer and winter alike, so no seasonal difference in the development of young animals is to determine more.

Autumn cats are only more vulnerable than spring cats if they are not properly fed and veterinary or kept outdoors for the whole year, without a warm sleeping place. Spring cats, which grow in the summer months, begin their development under better climatic conditions, and the mother animals have a more extensive food supply available.

Newborn babies can not keep their warmth constant and are therefore unable to adapt to the prevailing unfavorable climatic conditions such as cold, wetness and wind in autumn. Feeding is becoming more difficult for the mother animal in autumn.

what breed is my cat test

These unfavorable factors weaken the young animals so that they are less able to defend themselves against diseases than spring-born cat children.

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