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Best Kitten Food

Best Kitten Food, Meat is a very important ingredient in cat nutrition. It provides the protein that is so important for the cat, which should be available in sufficient and high-quality form.

#Which meat is allowed to feed cats?

best kitten food

To a pure meat-feeding, the cat should also get carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins.

For the cat, valuable muscle flesh varieties are beef, sheep, horse, pig, wild and poultry meat. Basically, you can cook the meat, roast and, with some exceptions, also raw feed.

Even if the opinions differ from the raw feeding, the nutrients and vitamins in the raw meat are contained in the unchanged form. However, please feed only raw meat, which is also offered for the human consumption of well-managed butcheries.

#Be Very Careful About Best Kitten Food

Pork must never be fed raw. Pork may contain the deadly Aujeszky virus (causative of pseudo-troll infestation) for cats. Therefore you should cook the meat or fry, whereby the inside must be well cooked.

According to experience, cats prefer raw lean beef, cut-cut raw beef heart cattle, and steamed poultry meat. Since poultry meat is also very low in fat but has a high protein quality, it is particularly well suited for food.

#Pure meat feeding is unhealthy

best kitten food brands

But remember definitely the cat as a predator eats the prey whole and thus the addition of lean meat (protein) nor carbohydrates, fat, minerals and vitamins gets delivered.

Pure meat feeding would thus lead to shortages in the cat. That is why you still have to add meat rations to the rest of the food. Only then is the diet for the cat to be regarded as complete.

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