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Australian Mist

Australian Mist did not suddenly crawled somewhere in the Australian bush but was rather unspectacular mixed together from Burma, Abyssinian, and a domestic cat. Learn the characteristics all at the origin, character, nature, care, and maintenance of the breed Australian Mist.

#What Are The Characteristics Of Australian Mist?

Weight cat3-6 Kg.
Weight hangover3-6 Kg
Coat lengthShort hair
Coat colorsBrown, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Gold, Fawn
Eye ColorGreen, Gold
Care expenditureLow

#Appearance Of Australian Mist

Australian mist

  • The Australian Mist is medium in size and muscular.
  • Kater is usually larger and heavier than cats.
  • The chest is broad, the legs are of medium length and strong.
  • The hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs.
  • The paws are small and round.
  • The tail fits in proportion to the body and is gently rounded at the tip.
  • The head has the shape of a rounded wedge.
  • Nose, cheeks, and chin are wide.
  • The eyes are large, bright and wide apart.
  • They are slightly slanted, allowing colors are gold and green.
  • The ears are medium-sized and slightly turned outward, the tips are rounded.
  • The coat of the Australian Mist is short, silky and shiny.
  • There know on symmetrically arranged delicate points that act as covered by a veil (hence the term “manure” English for “fog”).
  • The tail is ringed. In addition to the characteristic dotted variants, there are also marbled tabbies. As for color Brown, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Gold, and Fawn occur. The points sit dark from over a lighter tone.

#Nature And Character Of Australian Mist

The Australia Mist is awakened, agile, simple and attentive. They are playful and curious. The entire environment is always studied in the smallest detail and explored.

They have a gentle nature and are very treatable. In other animals or children, they get along well. They are very intelligent and make friends quickly with their people. They appreciate the company of people almost as much as that of conspecifics.

#Husbandry And Care Of Australian Mist

australian mist cat personality

Through their quiet and balanced character, the Australian Mist is suitable despite their joy of movement as an indoor cat. Many cats of this breed should be – given the choice – even rather go to her human family into the house than on hunting mice in freedom.

The gentle cat is good for children or elderly suitable. More cat ownership is recommended for these social animals. Thus, it is not the cat in the apartment boring must be present enough climbing and games.

The short coat of the Australian Mist is easy to maintain. Dead hair can be removed with a cloth or soft brush occasionally.

#Susceptibility To Disease Of Australian Mist

The Australian Mist is healthy and robust. There is no known race-specific susceptibility to disease. Like all other cats can also suffer from it regular diseases.

These include diseases of the upper airways and bacterial infections in the stomach and intestines. To limit the risk, the Australian should be vaccinated against diseases such as cat flu gets the cat freewheel is an increased risk of parasite infestation.

There is, however, special collars and agents. The vet knows what to do. If the Australian Mist has freewheel it must also be vaccinated against rabies and feline leukemia.

#Origin And History Of Australian Mist

australian mist kittens for sale

The Australian did not suddenly crawled somewhere in the Australian bush but was rather unspectacular mixed together from Burma, Abyssinian, and a domestic cat.

The breeder Dr. Truda M. Straede wanted to breed a cat breed that shows a calm demeanor and should be suitable for the home entertainment and so she began in 1976 her breeding program in Sydney, New South Wales.

They wanted to combine the physique and human relatedness of Burma with the ticking and the temperament of the Abyssinian and the skin review spotted the domestic cat.

The successful result was the Australian Mist, until now Australia’s only own breed. 1986 race in Australia was officially recognized. The leap to other countries has not so far managed the Australian Mist. Although some animals are scattered all over the world, however, is grown only in Australia.

#Did You Know?

Originally this breed was actually called “Spotted Mist,” meaning “spotted mist”. Today’s Australian Mist, to emphasize the origin of the race, but also because not all representatives of the breed are dotted. As a breed can be described in the friendly German speaking neither with “mockery” even with “crap”, it is referred to by German fans as “Australian veil cat”.

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