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Abyssinian kittens For Sale, A Short Store About It

Abyssinian kittens For Sale, Abyssinian is one of the oldest known races ever, and we are mainly encountered in representations, illustrations and countless historical records of ancient Egyptian history.

Abyssinian kittens for sale

#Abyssinian kittens For Sale, Origin, Character, Nature, And Attitude

Here you can learn all about the origin, character, nature, attitude, and care of the cat breed Abyssinian, This typical cat called “Ticked Tabby” or “ticking” have a beautiful coat pattern, and its breed is “Abessiniertabby”.

#Description And Characteristics Of Abyssinian kittens For Sale

SizeMedium sized
Weight Cat3.5 kg
Weight hangover4 - 5 kg
Coat lengthShort hair
Fur colorsWild, Blue, Beige, Fawn, with Silver
Eye colorAmber, Green or Yellow
Originprobably coastal areas on the Indian Ocean
Cats breedGreat Britain
Care expenditureLow


The racial standard describes the Abyssinian as a cat of medium height and body length, firm, supple and muscular, with sinewy, elegant, long legs, which must be in proportion to the body.
The head is a wedge-shaped à la equilateral triangle with soft, graceful contours.
The eyes large and almond-shaped.
The ears relatively large and broad at the base.
The middle nose shows a gentle curve in the profile.
The tail is quite long.
The hair care is short, fine, and close-fitting and "closed" - which can easily be recognized by the uniformly mottled skin pattern.
White on the chest or a medallion is considered serious errors.

#Nature and character

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Abyssinians are entertainers, curious, open-minded, intelligent, capable of learning, affectionate, cuddly, playful and joyful, and full of loveable capers.

And very social little “group-owners”, who feel most comfortable in a small team when the companions are similarly lively.

As a single cat for professional or little agile seniors not recommendable, but in addition, according to breeder’s recommendation an older cat is more suitable.

#Posture and care

The short fur with the few underwear makes the care easy, dead hair should still be removed (year round), preferably with a rubber brush.

The nutrition should be balanced and adapted to the individual motive.

#Diseases Of Abyssinian kittens For Sale

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The Abyssinian is usually a healthy cat, which does not develop a tendency to particular susceptibilities, but can also get diarrhea after having moped half the creampie.

However, the race is partly burdened with hereditary diseases, such as PK (pyruvate kinase), an incurable, chronically regenerative hemolytic anemia, the red blood cells dissolve.

Furthermore, PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), a retinal disease, which destroys the photoreceptors of the eye and blocks the cat.

For both recessive hereditary diseases, however, DNA tests are available, which allows responsible breeders through selective intervention to limit the spread or only to breed with healthy animals.

For the comparatively rare amyloidosis, a congenital, non-treatable defect of the protein metabolism, which usually ends with acute kidney failure, neither test methods are available at this time nor is the inheritance course clarified. A careful breeder, however, does not conceal the occurrence so that it can react accordingly and no buyer has to fear.

#Origin and history Of Abyssinian kittens For Sale

The Abyssinian is one of the oldest known races ever, and it is mainly in representations, illustrations and countless historical records of ancient Egyptian history, where, together with the Egyptian Mau, it almost took the status of a goddess.

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However, their unique skin pattern is also known from Ceylon or Singapore, which is why the actual origin is unclear. With “Zula” is 1868 the first of its kind British soil have entered and allegedly from Abyssinia to be submitted.

Although far from the beauty of “our” Abyssinian, the time was ideal, because at this time a new hobby was born in England.

In the absence of similar mating partners, all sorts of cat-like species, predominantly domestic cats, had to be used, which made the concentration on stripe-free, wild ticking more difficult.

In the year 1872, it is registered first time as a breed, the first Abyssinian of England shipped to the USA in 1901. 1934 the first German Abyssinian was born in Dresden. Recognized globally, their fan base is relatively large.

#Did you know?

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The typical coat, a specialty of the breed, is called “Abyssed Abby”, “Ticked Tabby” or “Ticking” (not to be confused with the “tipping” of silver cats):

Each individual hair is in the basic color (e.g, black at the wild colors) two or three times as a ringlet.

It is also characteristic that there is no red Abyssinian (apart from breeding experiments with foreigners), but only those who look like this.

#Red-brown, Pickled And Copper Plated Cat Also Called “Sorrel” Cat.

As ancestors of the Somali, they are occasionally crossed, but their ticking can also be found in other races, such as the Orientals or British Goldens.

The world’s most famous Abyssinian was, incidentally, “The cat that came out of space” from the eponymous Walt Disney production.

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